Tender Sake That Can Nourish The Soul




Respect for Nature’s Bounty

To brew delicious sake,
we make the most of nature’s bounty,
consider what nature has given to us,
and strive to produce a sake deserving of such gifts.
Our goal is to make tender sake that can nourish the soul.

【Our Recommends①】
Every cuisine’s friend!
AKITORA Junmai Ginjo

【Goes well with any cuisine!】
It has a soft Ginjō fragrance and pleasant acidity.
This Junmai Ginjo has a robust flavor and gentle aroma.

【Our Recommends②】
Humble but reliable like Japanese men!
AKITORA Yamadanishiki 80% Polished Junmai

【Goes well with strong flavored or unique cuisine!】
The clean, refreshing taste is unbecoming of such a rice polishing ratio.
Dry Junmai Sake that features full-bodied flavor, sharp and refreshing taste.

【Our Recommends③】
A nostalgic and interplanetaly visitor with lots of life experience!
AKITORA Shinkainosora Junmai Daiginjo

【The all-encompassing, gentle flavor!】
This sake is made with Uchushinkai yeast, which has traveled through space and the deep sea alike defying odds of 1 in 300 million, and Ginnoyume, Kochi brewer’s rice that has traveled through cosmos itself too.
It is as endless as the universe, as deep as the deep blue sea. It is rounded and gentle, yet all-encompassing.